2013/2019 | KABK – Royal Academy of Arts, Photography department, The Hague.
2019 | Diploma Bachelor Vormgeving Fotografie / Photography – Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten.
2017 | Exchange period, ‘Installation art’ KASK, Gent, België
2007 – 2012 | IVKO, Individual Art School, Amsterdam

Summer 2017 | Summerschool ‘Looking for trouble’, ‘T vijfde seizoen in Den Dolder
2016 – Ethics, Leiden University, IST programme

Group Shows
2017 | Nutshuis, Jon, Ton en de Krantendief, The Hague
2017 | Franse vaart, project ‘Emotional Etalage’, KASK Graduation students, Gent, België
2016 | Exhibition ‘Fabulous failures’, Group show third year photography students Royal Academy of Art, curator: Erik Kessels, The Hague
2016 | Hallway exhibition ‘Baobabfeat.’ Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2010 | Rozentheater, various works, Amsterdam
2016 | Filmhouse The Hague, ‘Eastern Neighbours Film Festival (ENFF)’ with: ‘I will make your visual CV’, The Hague
2016 | Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti (art school), with project ‘I will make your visual CV’, Sarajevo Bosnia
2015 | ‘Revival of captured scenes’, Arti Et Amicea, one work selected for auction, Amsterdam
2015 | ‘Breaking Walls festival’ , two works selected, Amsterdam
2014 | Theater aan het Spui, for project ‘The king and I’ poster selected, The Hague

Solo shows
2017 | Dag van de filosofie: ‘Rust en onrust’, project ‘Technostress’ Zwarte zaal, Gent, België
2016 | Studio K, with the projects ‘I will make your visual CV’ & ‘A wedding is a day’, Amsterdam
2013 | Gallery Oosterbosch, overview of my work, Amsterdam

2017 | Fashion shoot, works of Laura Snijders, Trumaine Huijts Jan Jan Nový and  Grace Jao,
Fashion/textile assigment KABK magazine
2016 | Magazine ‘Stray dogs walk the red carpet’ in collaboration with third year photography students from KABK
2015 | ‘How to survive The Hague’ studyguide for KABK, in collaboration with designer Koos Breen an Suzanne Bakkum
2015 | Catalogue in collaboration with second years KABK photography students ‘Banter magazine’, with project ‘Three times a day’, Belfast
2012 | Cataloges ‘Revival of captured scenes’, Arti Et Amicea
2008 | ‘Rozentheater magazine’ magazine (nr.08 & nr.010)
2016 | Work presented in television program  ‘’De rijdende rechter’’ about authorship

Publication: ‘Technostress’
Publication: ‘A wedding is a day’

Comissioned work
2017 | Nutshuis, The Hague with project ‘Ton, Jon en de Krantendief’
2017 | Correspondent, fietsenplan . .. .
2016 | CD cover artist  Eleonor Coco in collaboration with illustrator Thomas de Wit
2016 | ‘De condomerie’, shop in Amsterdam
2016 | ‘My natural beautycase campaign’ for organisation ‘Stoere vrouwen’
2015 | ‘How to survive The Hague’, photoseries, in collaboration with graphic designers Suzanne van Bakkum en Koos Breen
2014 | HVA portraits series
2009, 2012 | working for ‘Het Rozentheater’, Amsterdam

2017 | Baobab magazine ‘The fridge’

2017 | giving Henna workshop in Domus, The Hague

Group project ‘Stray dogs walk the red carpet’ made in Bosnie, Project: ‘I will make your visual CV’

summer 2017 | Marieke Zwart
summer 2016 | Olya Oleinic helping for project ‘Made of China’, exhibition in Foam, Amsterdam
summer 2015 | Jan Hoek helping for exhibition in Citroen Garage, Amsterdam